by Caleb Jaffa

About Caleb Jaffa

I am a developer. I develop for the web and iPhone. I like to make solve people’s problems elegantly. I believe it’s important to sweat the small stuff and polish until it shines.

I am a native of Utah, and lived there most my life. There was a intermission of a couple of years spent in Maryland after high school. In the summer of 2007 I got married and moved to Sweden. When I get away from the computer I’m learning Swedish, taking pictures or walking the dog.

I’ve been fascinated by the internet from when I first heard about it in the early 90’s. I got my first job doing web development in 1998 and have been doing it since. I cut my teeth on PHP3 and ColdFusion. These days I split my time mainly between PHP and Ruby on Rails. In my group of friends I am the go to guy when things aren’t working. While I don’t always have the answer, I’m a great problem solver to reach a solution quickly.

In addition to the web I also do iPhone consulting and contracting. I believe the best software is software crafted to scratch an itch. My first program for the iPhone is Lexikon, designed to access the online Lexin Swedish-English dictionary. To follow is an application that will use the recently release Folkets Lexikon to be a Swedish-English dictionary with twice the terms and works offline.

The icon for the posts came from Famfamfam silk icons and the rest are by Dan Cederholm from his icon shoppe. The logotype was designed by Scott Twede.