by Caleb Jaffa


Since 1998 I have worked with different designers to bring mobile and web applications to life. The web and the iPhone are two different mediums and it’s best to work with someone that understands how best to take advantage of those mediums. I help with the interface design, making things function well, and taking the designs and making them work.

For the web I slice Photoshop files with the greatest of ease, pairing them with current web standards and best practices in HTML and CSS. I know how to make your website look and work right in all the major browsers, not just today, but tomorrow too. I am familiar with different tools and know the strengths and weaknesses and what is the best fit for the project.

Below is a sample of various projects I have been involved with over the years. I’ve done work for Edvina AB, Smithsonian Magazine, CED, Creating Keepsakes, Garbett Homes, Hamlet Homes, Snowbird, Jack Johnson Company, SkyWest and many others.

iPhone Development

Lexikon an iPhone application built primarily for my own use. It allows quick and convenient access to Lexin‘s Swedish-English dictionary. A dictionary developed by the Swedish government aimed at immigrants. It allows for lookup either direction and caches the results on the iPhone for quick offline access later.

Back-end Development

Edvina AB developed a unified communications platform for FCCN, Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional. The system provided VOIP and IM for students and staff of Portuguese universities. Part of the platform was a set of web applications that I helped develop to provide a portal for users to manage their account and view system news. The platform was developed with PHP, mainly using the CodeIgniter framework and integrating WordPress and custom modules.

CED uses a collection of Ruby scripts to manage communication between their websites, corporate headquarters and individual stores. MySQL’s native features were utilized to reduce processing time from minutes to seconds. In addition the architecture was revamped for easier scalability down the road. Allowing more hardware to be able to be added quickly to meet future demands.

Garbett Homes looked to use the internet to run their business better. The first step was developing a customer relationship manager that met the needs of the marketing and sales teams. To that was added a PDF document generator for the various contracts and other paperwork. An interactive options list was developed that homebuyers could log in to make their selections. A Visio XML document was generated based on the options which avoided costly mistakes over the handwritten and faxed orders before. In addition a warranty request tracker was developed. All of these modules allowed employees to work more efficiently and for the main office to more accurately track their business.

Frontend Development

Jobs at CMI is a one page website for information about jobs with CMI. It uses jQuery to keep the design tight and working across all browsers with less development time. Includes an AJAX form for applying to work for CMI.

Raspberry Lane sold off part of their business and needed to update their site on a budget. The design was refreshed to improve navigation. Search engine friendly URLs were put into place and PHP was leveraged to make modifications and updates faster and easier. While the budget did not allow for a complete overhaul of the site’s contents a lot of unnecessary cruft was able to be removed.