by Caleb Jaffa

Archive for November, 2007

Hello, Hello

The idea of this website has existed in some form or another for an embarrassingly long time. However the time is right to make it happen. A timely message showed up in my newsreader about The Perfect First. A useful reminder that I could spend weeks fretting over the perfect post to kick start this whole affair when I should simply get going and doing.

What did I do to get out of my rut? It’s turned out that the best way to get moving forward was to throw out what ideas I had most gotten attached to. The domain and a shade of blue #003366. I recently moved to Sweden and that opened up another avenue to think about with regards to the domain. I found a list of words ending with se. After reading through the words and getting overwhelmed by the options I was up back by the top with clockwise on the screen, and since it was available I decided to go with it. A visit to Adobe’s kuler and I had a color scheme by Mats Holmberg called Orange on Olive. I swapped the orange for Falu red since I liked the aesthetics better and it could pay homage to my new home at the same time.

I’m not quite sure on the voice that will emerge here. I intend to talk about web development and specifics to doing it as a freelancer in Sweden. There will probably also be random things along the way. Though it’s entirely possible that as time goes it evolves into something different.