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iPhone Screen Template

I’ve started work on a new iPhone application idea. The key to success seems to be iterating the design on paper first. Then the coding becomes simpler and better focused when you already have things mapped out. To that end I’ve made a PDF that has eight iPhone screen templates. It is A4 in size, but should be easily modified and changed for your needs in Photoshop. It has the status bar and a bounding box with tick marks on the outside to quickly mark a navigation and/or tool bar at the proper size. The template is actual size when printed.

iPhone Screen Template PDF.

Lexikon is in the App Store

I got an email from Apple this morning that Lexikon was approved for sale in the App Store. You can find out more on the page I created for Lexikon

It should start showing up in searches and such in a day or two, but for now you can access it directly using this link:
Available on the iPhone App Store

It took about a business week to get approved. I submitted it in the mid-to-late afternoon on Monday for Cupertino and had approval on Friday for them.