by Caleb Jaffa

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Multiple Languages and Search Suggestions

There hasn’t been much more information forthcoming about the new Folkets Lexikon. However that hasn’t stopped me from spending time on Lexikon. This update will probably be the last 2.x firmware release for Lexikon. There are interesting features to take advantage of in the 3.x firmware that will be released this summer.

As such it’s important to cross everything off my list. First the boring part of re-plumbing the application. I don’t think it will be a complete re-write, but nearly so. I’ve learned a lot about programming for the iPhone, on my own and from other developers. There are a bunch of best practices I want to implement in order to deliver a better experience. The interface should be more polished, and the code underneath more robust.

I’m unsure how popular this feature will be, but I will also be implementing support for all of the languages Lexin supports. The list of languages are: Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian, English, Finnish, Greek, Kurmandji, Persian, Russian, Serbian, Somalian, Sorani, Spanish and Turkish. If you understand or look forward to any of these languages please get in contact if you would like to be involved in the beta process. I’ll do my best, but as a one man shop that mostly can only understand English this will be my best effort and hoping that Lexin has done a good job on their end. Also while not all these languages are supported by Apple for localization, if you would like to volunteer on the Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Greek localizations I would appreciate the help.

The final feature planned is the support Lexin’s correcting of unknown words. If Lexin isn’t able to find the word you searched for, but did find similar words in its database, those words will be presented to the user. This has probably been the second most requested feature as of late, and I’m excited to finally be making it a reality.

These will all be part of the 1.5 release of Lexikon, which given Apple’s current timing on app update approvals and my schedule should be on the App Store by June.