by Caleb Jaffa

Job Hunt

I am job hunting. I moved to Sweden over four years ago and have been freelancing since then. There are advantages to freelancing, but I’ve been feeling that re-entering the corporate world is the best move for my career right now. Working with other talented individuals that I can learn from, and teach, in the pursuit of creating something better than we could alone.

Due to the unfortunate recent passing of a friend that I often collaborated with, right now has become the perfect time to make the switch while I have a clean break. Lexikon development will continue as it’s a good side project that I find useful in my continued pursuit of learning the Swedish language. In fact it may become a bigger priority as getting out of the house more might help motivate my studies.

I’m giving the Stack Overflow Career’s website a trial with this and my profile can be found at: I am currently in Falun and looking at perhaps not relocating right away, but willing to be in Stockholm often (multiple days a week). I’m willing to relocate to for the right opportunity though.

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