by Caleb Jaffa

Folkets Lexikon Download

The data behind Folkets Lexikon is now able to be downloaded. I haven’t had much of a chance to look over it, but it looks like roughly 46,760 term pairs.

Probably the most important thing will be now that I have the data is figuring out the offline version of Lexikon. I’ve been hesitant to commit to anything until it was released, since there seemed to be some question if it would ever actually be released. There is a strong possibility that the Lexikon you know will continue as is. Perhaps with some modifications to switch from Lexin to Folkets Lexikon for the Swedish-English look ups. Then a second Lexikon like app would be developed with completely offline access. There are tradeoffs and advantages to both programs.

The current roadmap is to finish up update that has been in progress for Lexikon. Then to begin in earnest with figuring out what is going to happen and how best to package it up. I’m going to try and keep plans under my hat until I know for sure. Though if it is a separate application there will be a period to give current Lexikon users a chance to buy a discounted offline version before going to a normal price.

Hopefully Lexikon version 1.5 will be in Apple’s hands before the end of August and then current app approval times suggest another two weeks beyond that. Fingers crossed that Lexikon doesn’t require any additional time to be approved beyond that.

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