by Caleb Jaffa

Lexikon Icon

I attended the iPhone Tech Talk in Stockholm. It’s all covered by the NDA, but you can see on Apple’s site that the American talks had three tracks and a lab and the European stops had one and a half tracks. They had to cover the full spectrum of attendees in most sessions. There were some interesting things discussed though and the trip was worthwhile. Maybe I’ll get in trouble, but one thing is it would’ve been nice if the food/refreshments were served in a better area, they had one small hallway/foyer outside the main lecture room and then a longer hallway by the other room. Made it hard to network or at least find the developers on your level when you were either packed in like sardines or spread out in lines along the walls. Next time I think I’ll be more proactive about using the Stockholm Cocoaheads group to get in touch with the right people.

One of the biggest things about optimization is covered by Loren Brichter in his post about Fast scrolling with UITableView.

There is still a few things I want to do with Lexikon before I am ready to release it. I’m optimistic that this can happen this week. Then we’ll see how long Apple takes to turn around and approve it. In the meantime here is the icon design that I came up with this week.


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