by Caleb Jaffa

iPhone Tech Talk Stockholm

I got word on Tuesday evening that I get to go to the iPhone Tech Talk in Stockholm. This is exciting as it should prove useful information, much more than when I attended WWDC in 2004 on a student scholarship as I am actively programming on the platform. It’s good to hear cause we live in Falun which is about 3 hours away from Stockholm and so now arrangements need to be made for somewhere to stay, and to make the most out of the gas money, visiting our friends and my wife’s brother and his family that live in and around Stockholm.

It’s also a good time set in stone to work to having Lexikon finished or almost complete so I can possibly show it off. I’ve made progress in that direction with starting to get the database in place and the main word list UI. I think all the remaining tasks can at least be roughly in place for the tech talk, which might prove useful to get a blast of information to help polish things off. The other great thing about the tech talk is it should be a great place to network. I have some contacts in the IT industry in Stockholm, but not really for what I’ve been doing with web development and not anything Mac or iPhone related.

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